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HelloSign integration. Newly designed to let you sign with just a few clicks.

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Dropbox Business is a big advocate of remote working. We know employees today need flexibility and the ability to work productively away from the office.

Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business is designed to make it easy for employees to work remotely and still feel connected to everything and everyone. New features like Dropbox Spaces and integrations with Zoom and Slack allow employees to easily access the information they need and communicate with each other in real-time — bringing teams together and keeping work flowing.

Dropbox Transfer

It helps your teams send large files to customers and partners who don’t need to collaborate on the content. With Dropbox Transfer you can:

  • Deliver large files with support for up to 100 GB per transfer

  • Send files to anyone, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account

  • Control your content by setting passwords, expiration dates and confirming receipt

No matter whether you are delivering your final edits, that new podcast, or that amazing photo, Dropbox Transfer makes it easy. Take a look at why Media companies choose Dropbox Business.

An alternative to VPN

Lately, there has been a renewed focus on collaboration and remote working. Media organisations, like yourselves, are probably strategising about how to best support and manage people working from home.

For years, Dropbox Business has helped hundreds of thousands of teams stay connected and work from anywhere, while protecting company data. It’s a fast, headache-free alternative to VPN that lets you share files securely inside and outside your corporate network.

Be organised

Dropbox Spaces brings cloud content and local files together. With Spaces, you have new ways to access everything you need from one central place.

Image search. Save time getting to the images you need by searching for what you see in the image across JPG, JPEG, PNG, and GIF files. Looking for a file with some clothing, but you can’t remember the file name? No problem — just search “clothing”, and find your image instantly. Image search is rolling out to Dropbox Professional today on desktop and web, and coming soon to Dropbox Business plans.

Shared files and folders

Get to your most important work fast from your desktop, by starring the files and folders you use the most for quick access. Paper integration in the Dropbox file system, which makes it possible to create, store, and access Paper docs from Dropbox. The release is available to new Paper users starting today, and will be available to existing users soon.

Dropbox Binder. Coming soon — Compile all of your Dropbox files, including images, PDF’s, cloud docs, and more into a single Dropbox Binder, so you can share the published versions with the team.

Search highlights. Coming soon to desktop and web — Easily search for key phrases across text within files and overview descriptions to find what you’re looking for, even if you don’t remember what file or folder it’s in.

File previews

Preview files in high fidelity — including AutoCAD files — right from your desktop even if you don't have the native application installed.

Stay focused

Tune out chatter and distractions so you can focus on what’s most important. With Dropbox Spaces, you can bring priority projects to the top so you don’t get sidetracked by to-dos you don’t need to do.

Team highlights on your desktop. Stay focused on the most important work by seeing the most relevant activity from your team.

Content suggestions right on your desktop. Machine intelligence helps you stay a step ahead by suggesting the content you're most likely to need right now.

Get in sync

Spaces helps your team see the big picture and stay on the same page, using the tools you and your team prefer.


Overview descriptions and to-do lists. With Spaces, folders are no longer just places to store your work. They’re the home base for collaborative projects. Put content in motion by writing overview descriptions, to-dos, and key milestones right on the folder.


HelloSign integration. Newly designed to let you sign with just a few clicks.


Coming soon — add Dropbox content to Trello cards and preview files so your tools are more seamlessly connected.

Dropbox will also be adding new capabilities in the months ahead including new features, like Dropbox Transfer — a new way to quickly and securely send large files with password expiration and viewer info.

Dropbox Spaces is the first iteration of the smart workspace that we all need — we’re excited to see how Spaces can help you stay focused and do your best work.


To learn more about Dropbox Spaces and other new features, visit

Content suggestions

Calendar integration on your desktop. Prepare for meetings more effectively by attaching and sharing content for your upcoming meeting, getting quick access to suggested files, and accessing meeting note templates.

But equally, embracing work flexibility is often easier said than done. Obstacles abound for organisations committed to supporting remote work. Employees need quick access to information and tools that enable collaboration and keep teams connected. On top of that, data needs to stay secure with centralised control over all your company’s files.

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