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Internet access has become an essential tool in today’s office. Whether you are researching, ordering or using email, a fast connection will save your company time and money.

Leased Lines

Unlike xDSL, your leased line has  no contention and the full bandwidth is always available to you. 

Ideal for organisations who rely on the web or have their own web/FTP server and need an always-on connection. With a fixed monthly cost you’ll always have greater control of your budget for Internet usage. 

Firewalls and Security

Today’s workforce is mobile, with workers demanding access to more resources from more remote devices and platforms than ever before. Global networks connect employees, partners and customers over multiple Internet, intranets and VoIP channels. Even the smallest organization is now competing globally. 

With a variety of scalable secure remote access (SRA) appliances and intuitive Mobile Connect apps, Abbeycomp works in partnership with Dell SonicWALL to provide flexible solutions which fit every size business and budget.

Together we enable secure mobile access to critical apps and data without compromising security.

Domain hosting

By having your domain with us you can avoid ‘not our problem’ issues. Have you had problems with email or internet access lately? 

Getting caught in the middle of your ISP and support companies can waste valuable time and money. By choosing Abbeycomp you can have one point of contact to make your life easier.

Securely encrypted internet VPN

Rapidly deploy a cost-effective, fully encrypted and highly secure VPN solution using your existing internet connections. Introduce new locations and change access bandwidths rapidly with no disruption to your business.

UK-wide MPLS network

MPLS is a secure and reliable solution for all your IT data and application delivery needs. Connecting all your sites and remote workers whatever their traffic demands on a cost effective, scalable and secure network that can carry and prioritise the most demanding of IT applications.

Abbeycomp is able to offer a full range of ISP services without the hassle of having to deal with an ISP or a third party support company.

Outsourced Email Services

We are able to help you make an assessment whether or not outsourcing is the right decision for your company.


Outsourcing Microsoft Exchange is becoming more and more popular as small businesses are realizing the benefits of a managed Exchange server. Exchange email outsourcing allows IT staff to worry about your business instead of your email. Also, through Exchange server outsourcing, you can rest assured that your email is safe and secure.

Fibre Ethernet Lines

Ethernet Reach is a new service that uses next generation networking delivering cost effective and scalable access. Ethernet services deliver high performance connectivity allowing you to utilise the same protocol as your LAN. A scalable Ethernet circuit is available at delivery speeds from 10Mbps up to 10Gbps, with multiple bandwidth options within each circuit size.

Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Protection

Email Security Services is a fully managed email filtering solution providing the highest level of comprehensive real time protection against spam and viruses. Sitting outside your network, all spam and viruses are screened out at the internet level ensuring your infrastructure is free from disruption and congestion.

Super-Connected Cities Voucher Scheme

In 2011, the UK government set aside £100 million for an Urban Broadband Fund (UBF) that will create up to ten ‘super-connected’ cities across the country. 

This was followed in 2012 by a further fund of £50 million for a ‘second wave’ covering a further 12 cities to benefit from this programme. 

The super-connected cities will benefit from faster and better broadband for small businesses, with a voucher scheme launched to contribute towards the costs of connections for those businesses. Please contact us to see if you’re eligible to apply for this voucher scheme.

Geographically concentrated private network

A Private Network is ideal for offices that are geographically concentrated within the same region. Private connections can also be the best solution for companies who need permanent, 100% private and secure communication between larger offices or data centres. Range of bandwidth options (up to 1Gbps).

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