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Celebrating openness, honesty and 20 years in business.

A complete range of IT services and software solutions for creative professionals.

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We’re incredibly proud of the people who work for us, and they’re refreshingly lacking in geek stereotypes!

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Founder and Chief Executive Officer

I am incredibly thankful to our staff and the great team spirit we have amongst ourselves. Our best quality is derived from a genuine dedication and willingness to help others…

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Chief Financial Officer

I really appreciate the close relationship Abbeycomp has been able to develop with customers and suppliers over the years…

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Managing Director

One of the things I am most proud of at Abbeycomp is the manner in which it has grown. We have worked purely on the plan that if you always do the best job you can…

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Senior IT Consultant

While we are skilled and experienced in IT consultancy, we understand not everyone is as passionate about it as we are. I believe the most challenging and rewarding part…

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Senior IT Consultant

I especially enjoy the openness and great team spirit amongst our consultants. We have a great culture of sharing knowledge and helping one another…

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IT Consultant

After several years working in the IT industry I have learnt the importance of listening and connecting to people. It is not just about fixing Macs or PCs…

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Sales & Procurement Expert

One of my main roles at Abbeycomp is to look after the relationship with our suppliers of IT goods and services. I am always researching for new IT products…

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Office Manager and Technical Coordinator

I have the pleasure of interacting with our clients on a daily basis and I am always striving to meet their needs and fulfil their requests…

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IT Consultant

At Abbeycomp I am constantly interacting with customers, colleagues, management and suppliers. My main task is to keep a clarified mindset, with the tenacity…

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IT Consultant

At Abbeycomp we possess the knowledge and ability to quickly and efficiently respond to support requests, assisting our clients with tailor made advice for their business…

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IT Consultant

At Abbeycomp we maintain a high level of professionalism in everything we do no matter the size of the job. We bring our perfectionist side to work…


IT Consultant

Our customer’s assets are the heart of what they produce every day and have a massive value to their business. I am always excited when I meet new prospects…


Sales IT Consultant

At Abbeycomp we maintain a high level of professionalism in everything we do no matter the size of the job. We bring our perfectionist side to work…

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Technical and Sales IT Consultant

A strong commitment to customer service and rigorous quality control are our core values. Striking personality, fearlessness, passion, loyalty, humility and possession of a keen sense of humour are some of the key characteristics of our team and this is what makes them stand out from the IT crowd. Does it sound exciting?

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