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When you’re struggling to find time to meet customers’ deadlines, you need to know you can trust your IT resources.

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Office 365 brings together the best tools for the way people work today.


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No two solutions are the same and with our focus on up front consultancy, we ensure tailored projects are delivered to meet our client’s individual needs and budgets.

Structured Cabling

Having fast computers will allow you to get jobs finished faster, but if your network is slow, the time you’ve gained can be lost transferring or printing files over your network. 

The communications network has become as important as any other utility in the building. Your cabling system needs to last longer than any other component in your network. 

Abbeycomp IT Solutions designs and implements Cat5e, Cat6 and Fibre Structured Cabling for 10/100/1000 Base-T networks.

Wireless technologies

We are able to design and implement wireless solutions where hard wired networks are not viable. Wireless networks allow the secure transfer of a wide variety of information formats to and from locations where it would otherwise be impossible.

Very useful for a small internal LAN or for organisations where users need to be able to move freely around the office but remain on the network and share resources. We can provide wireless solutions tailored to your individual needs that will be reliable, efficient and cost-effective.

IP Networking

Advance in technology and more affordable higher performance Internet connections have made it possible for organisations to work and share information in ways not previously possible. 

Remote Access to office systems and data can be very useful. Through  our expertise with Access Security Products such as SonicWall Firewalls we are able to implement systems for clients and staff members to remotely access the office with the assurance that data is safe from intrusion.

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