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The automatic high performance professional backup, archive and synchronisation solution with media preview and remote backup features.

Exponential data growth, strict legal compliance requirements, shrinking backup windows and the need to access data at any time and from different locations pose new challenges to enterprise organisations. Single solutions cannot cope with these issues.

This is the environment in which P5 excels. P5 is based on the concept of an integrated data management and security solution. Data is managed throughout its life-cycle, from the moment of its creation, to the inevitable backups over to long term archiving. This offers maximum security, efficient management and optimal engagement of resources resulting in a considerable reduction in costs.

P5 consists of four products: P5 Backup, P5 Archive, P5 Backup2Go and P5 Synchronize that can be combined according to your requirements.

P5 Backup is the fully automatic high-performance backup and restore solution for optimally saving mission critical data to tape or disk. Even interruptions during backup processes are possible.

P5 Archive provides fully automatic archiving of large data-sets, offering maximum security and availability. Comprehensive, individually extendable description fields and Quicktime previews allow an effective search.

P5 Synchronize identifies modified data and copies it to additional systems. The synchronised data is immediately and directly accessible. In case of data loss, there is no need for a time consuming restoring process.

P5 Backup2Go offers a reliable, secure and efficient backup for laptops and workstations — regardless of their location. You could be in the office, on the road or at home!

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