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Xinet Suite is a dynamic digital asset management solution that streamlines the management of graphic media for advertising, publishing and corporate communications.

Xinet Suite

Xinet revolutionized the creative development and production process and provides an optimized media production environment for local, creative agencies, design companies and in-house creative design teams engaged in digital or print production.

Xinet enables physically distributed team members and other collaborators in the creative development and production process to work with the latest version of their files, quickly locating, modifying and finalizing creative work without disruption or complicated processes.

Xinet is an on-premises solution that facilitates the rapid transformation of ideas and files into useable assets while maintaining creative workflow and collaboration across teams of artists and designers working with a diverse variety of rich-media files.

Featuring seamless integration with Adobe Creative Suite, a robust and familiar file server and production engine; an enterprise-strength SQL database; a secure, multi-server asset management system; and hundreds of tools and features, including auto-synch between digital masters, low-res proxies and asset metadata Xinet improves efficiency, provides for uninterrupted workflow, value, simplicity and speed.

Xinet has a wealth of new and improved features that will enhance your user experience and provide better functionality for your users, local or remote.

Modern Search

North Plains is introducing a new Xinet search paradigm, based on Solr search engine technology. Fast and scalable, Xinet offers full-text search and a faceted search experience.

Rapid on-premise DAM

Quickly find the digital assets you need, discover assets you didn’t know you had and push content across channels, all from within your local network.

Strongest Creative Workflow Automation

Integation so tight, no one knows it’s there

Xinet fits tightly into your existing workflows via mounted drives and our Adobe CC plugin. Open, edit, and create assets as you always have — directly within the DAM — without check-ins and check-outs.

Use custom triggers, actions and automation to manage version control, reviews/approvals and job information etc. to build a single source of truth for teammates and clients alike.

Deftly manage creative projects

From concept to completion, monitor progress, identify roadblocks and measure actionable production metrics for improved performance.

Enhanced Asset Accessibility

Pilot, Xinet’s new media browser, is now available for both Mac and Windows. Pilot enables drag and drop to the desktop, allowing users — both, local and remote — the simplest method possible of getting assets to where they are needed most.

Enhanced Asset Accessibility

North Plains has implemented enhancements to the existing Xinet API that will make it generically archive aware. A partnership with InPress Systems will result in the availability of an archiving interface module that will connect Xinet with 3rd party archive solution providers, starting with Archiware P5.

Xinet official website:

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