CI HUB Connector brings Dropbox and Adobe Creative Cloud closer together. This incredible progression has changed

the way that creatives are able to work.

Powerful integrated file searching and navigation means that your files are always at your fingertips without even having to leave the application.


In-built back-ups allow you to simply roll back to previous versions, helping to prevent the accidents or errors that often occur while working with live data.

Unlimited online storage as well as some of the most advanced file sharing technology make Dropbox the perfect creative collaboration business tool for Adobe users around the world.

Lock and unlock your Dropbox asset and prevent others from using unfinished work. 

CI HUB provides a rich set of features to all Dropbox users. Get all your Dropbox assets directly in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere Pro.


Drag & Drop assets and metadata is quick and easy. CI HUB maintains the link to your asset, so working with remote teams is fast and easy. CI HUB always links your assets. 

With CI HUB Connector for Adobe CC you get previews of your InDesign files or your InDesign snippets. You can also filter results by keywords.

Get full access to the assets metadata and use them. 

Enhance your asset library by easy finding similar Images then you already have by searching in your preferred stock library.