After several years working in the IT industry I have learnt the importance of listening and connecting to people. It is not just about fixing Macs or PCs. We have a greater responsibility which is to lead and advise our clients in the right direction and according to their budgets.
Our business model is based on delivering IT sales and services according to businesses specific needs.

IT Consultant

Originally from São Paulo, Paulo Bettiol spent much of his childhood in Bahrein and migrated to America during his late teens where he attended the Economics and Computer Science Program at the University of Michigan. 

Mr Bettiol is also a very humorous, imaginative, thought provoking film critic & gifted writer. He labels his writings as transgressional fiction.

His early works that encompassed satirical and dark writings has garnered much success amongst young aspiring american writers.

Paulo's amount of thinking, passion, and pure work effort are some of our best assets while solving problems.