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20 years anniversary logo
abbeycomp brand pattern

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Abbeycomp has always been influenced by nature, whether it be an affinity to it’s beauty or its symbolism to life and fulfilment.

When creating the new Abbeycomp logo we wanted the concept of growth and flourishment to be represented. We created the visual cue of ‘o’ positioned upwards above the natural x-height of the typesetting, with another being formed below.


This was to symbolise growth, representing the idea that Abbeycomp can help you’re business to flourish. With the second ‘o’ being formed below, it creates the sense of security and partnership, that Abbeycomp is invested in continuously supporting our clients.

Lastly, the two ‘o’ positioning also looks similar to a profile icon, therefore, also giving a humanised form to the shape. This symbolises Abbeycomp’s strong belief in partnerships and our investment in a personal approach to IT.

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