I especially enjoy the openness and great team spirit amongst our consultants.  We have a great culture of 
sharing knowledge and helping one another. We can never claim to know everything within IT. 
We are always learning and researching as new technologies emerge and develop. 
This is one of the reasons I really enjoy being part of this team.

Senior IT Consultant

Born in Greenock, Scotland, Steve McCluskey is a man devoted to the "Ancient Kilt" dress code which is essentially a 
Phillabeg with extra tartan attached for a sash. These are the same style kilts worn in the movie Braveheart. 
Ancient Kilts are the perfect highland attire for Renaissance festivals and other reenactment events and is originally meant to 
be used with no undies. Focused, dynamic and swift Steve has a special brain, sharper than Yoda's light sabre !