At Abbeycomp I am constantly interacting with customers, colleagues, management and suppliers. 
My main task is to keep a clarified mindset, with the tenacity to develop ideas independently while exercising time management and punctuality so that our consultants are always working at the top of their game. Quality consultancy and reliability to our clients is our top priority and together with our team of consultants we know we deliver the best advice and solutions based on our clients needs.

IT Consultant

Born in Jamaica, Shamar Brown is a very successful bowling player. Cradling the ball with both hands, he uncorks shots that bend out a few boards to the right of center before curving back at the last second, hitting the 1-3 pocket (a right-hander's sweet spot) perfectly and sending all 10 pins scattering whipping the crowds into a frenzy. Mr. Brown alleges that bowling takes a lot of mental discipline, coordination, muscle memory, physical skills and precision. These are transferable skills and techniques applied into IT around our offices on a daily basis, spreading focus, precision and determination to whatever jobs Shamar's been assigned to.