At Abbeycomp we possess the knowledge and ability to quickly and efficiently respond to support requests, assisting our clients with tailor made advice for their business. Implementing new technologies can be intimidating but with the help and expertise of our team, clients can maximise their return on investment. We help clients to develop their internal IT strategies, budgets and management.

Sales IT Consultant

Born and raised in Harrow, Sam Martin is a true Londoner. Acclaimed singer, bass & keyboard player, Sam is an exceptional musician.

Sam's lifestyle has an equally extraordinary story to tell as he has travelled to over 30 different countries worldwide.

The environment was often eutrophic and hostile with adversarial weather conditions throughout every journey. 

Nevertheless, Mr Martin's strength and determination carried him throughout Europe, across Russia by train and America by car, 

covering over 20 states before the end of his pilgrimage. That same focus and perseverance is deeply rooted within Sam's work ethics while looking for bespoke solutions for our clients.