At Abbeycomp we maintain a high level of professionalism in everything we do no matter the size of the job. 
We bring our perfectionist side to work and we are not happy with anything other than our best.
We always try to keep a calm head under pressure taking a logical and methodical approach to new challenges. 
We find that a good sense of humour at work lightens the day for everyone.

IT Consultant

Born in South Africa, Cameron Beskin is also a skilled carver who works devotedly sculpting individual precision carving patterns with mallets and chisels. Schooled in the art of kinetic and physical motion sculpture foliage and site specific art, Tamara expanded her mediums, creating fanciful figures for the newly burgeoning carousel industry. Strange but unbelievably true, she applies the same sculpting techniques, dedication and expertise to computer systems troubleshooting.