One of my main roles at Abbeycomp is to look after the relationship with our suppliers of  IT goods and services. I am always researching for new IT products, technologies, improvements and innovations that may be helpful to our customers. It is a great pleasure to work closely together with our consultants and be able to discuss the new advances in IT and how to implement it successfully.

Sales & Procurement Expert

Born and bred in Podington Bedfordshire, Leigh Farrow is also a DJ who's got quite a refined taste of music and accurate knowledge of rare vinyl collections. He believes liking both Marvin Gaye and Art Garfunkel is like supporting both the Israelis and the Palestinians. 
His records are organized not in chronological or alphabetical order but rather autobiographical sequence. 
Mellow, calming & professional, Leigh is just like a fine cigar of IT sales expertise!...