I have the pleasure of speaking to our customers on a daily basis and striving to fulfill their needs 
requires being able to multi task and be flexible when taking care of the daily schedule for our consultants. 
Realizing the team's great ability to solve problems and deliver the right solutions means that 
I can schedule appointments confidently, knowing that our customers are in good hands.

IT Coordinator

Originally from Portuguese ancestry, Laura Madeira has exceptional high standards of observational drawing,

painting, and other creative skills. In order to evolve her analytical thinking , Ms Madeira has experimented and

developed work using a range of materials which enabled her to produce fresh and exciting pieces of art that

will challenge anyone's preconceptions and ideas.  Her work can be seen in art galleries all around the globe

including the Art and Design Show at The Lightbox gallery in Woking.
In addition to her artistic phenomenal skills, Laura is also a non stop whirlwind Wonder Woman

who will always greet your problem with a smile. We are all in awe!