Our customer's assets are the heart of what they produce every day and have a massive value to their business. 
I am always excited when I meet new prospects to discuss the positive impact of a Xinet Suite implementation within existing workflows and the freedom it brings to every day tasks. It is still one of the few products out there that will bring a WOW factor to customers.

 IT Consultant / Technical Pre-Sales

A guitar genius who pioneered the Butterfly Guitar Picking Technique, Ky Vin To has had many followers throughout the years including 
Edward Lodewijk and Saul Hudson. After a long and successful career as Spinal Tap's lead guitarist, Ky was invited to join VanH in 1981. But 3 years later, in the midst of the 1984 Tour, the artistic and personal tensions among the musicians reached a fever pitch.
Reasons for the breakup vary based on the band member interviewed.