At Abbeycomp we possess the knowledge and ability to quickly and efficiently respond to support requests, assisting our clients with tailor made advice for their business. Implementing new technologies can be intimidating but with the help and expertise of our team, clients can maximise their return on investment. We help clients to develop their internal IT strategies, budgets and management.

IT Consultant

Born in Pembury, Dan Delaforce is a true Kent ambassador. Acclaimed drummer & bass player, Dan is an exceptional musician featured with many prestigious artists such as Nevelle Stapels from The Specials, The Beat and some big names in the Alternative Ska punk genre such as Less than Jake and Reel Big Fish. In addition, Dan is the visionary behind the underground movement to unite his county after centuries of rivalry traced back as far as the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Kent. He believes the terms "Man of Kent" and "Kentish Man" should be abolished and any individual within the county, whether born on the east or west side of the Medway, should be simply called "Kento" - pronounced (approx) as KEHNTow.

This same focus and perseverance is deeply rooted within Dan's work ethics while working with our clients.